Introducing The New Premium and Ultra-Premium Packs ✨

Ultra-Premium Pack

We have created the perfect oral treatment kit, introducing the new Ultra-Premium and Premium packs. The new packs are the perfect treatment package for teeth, gum and cleaning the surface discolouration of the teeth.The new packs offer a discount and the products are fluoride-free!

Using the Ultra-Premium Oral Pack will leave your teeth stronger, less sensitive, brighter and healthier. Please read carefully how to use the Ultra-Premium Oral Pack treatment.

Instruction to use the Oral kit of Ultra-Premium Pack:

BioMin C toothpaste: twice daily ideally before breakfast and last thing at night, Do not rinse mouth with water after brushing, replace the tube cap after use to protect against humidity.

TEBODONT® mouthwash: ideally daily mid day after lunch or afternoon.

Depurdent Clean & Polish toothpaste: once or twice per week mid day after lunch or afternoon.

" BioMin F is essentially prevention and a cure in one..."

Dr. Victoria Sampson, Associate Dentist in London West End and North London