New Online Marketplaces Expansion

We are excited to announce that BioMin C toothpaste is now available on two largest e-commerce marketplaces; marketplace and

What's special about the marketplace? Prime subscribers have the free shipping with no minimum purchase required and fast delivery service!


There are 15.9 million monthly unique visitors, and they are growing fast!

Prime customers can enjoy the free shipping for BioMin C toothpaste with no minimum purchase required

Amazon Canada 


Walmart is one of the largest retailers in the world, and the Walmart Canada Marketplace is the second-biggest eCommerce marketplace in all of Canada with 70M monthly visits from 14M online shoppers.

We offer low flat & free shipping for over certain amounts for Walmart customers. 

Walmart Canada

" BioMin F is essentially prevention and a cure in one..."

Dr. Victoria Sampson, Associate Dentist in London West End and North London