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Free BioMin C Toothpaste - Limited Time Offer

BioMin C toothpaste Free Offer
Reviews help new customers gain confidence in BioMin, leading to dental happiness.

Leave a review on our online store and we will reward you with a free BioMin C toothpaste.



  1. Write a review for either BioMin C toothpaste, Tebodont mouthwash, or Depurdent toothpaste. (Please ensure that you input the accurate email address so we can send you the voucher code).
  2. After your review is published, we will promptly provide you with a voucher code within 24 hours. When placing your next order, simply apply the voucher during checkout. (Please be aware that we can only include the complimentary tube for orders totalling at least $60 CAD, as this covers shipping, fulfillment, and related expenses).

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Offer can be taken up once per customer.
  2. Offer will only be fulfilled with your next order and only for orders $60 minimum value or more.
  3. Your review needs to be published before the voucher code is supplied.
  4. Offer is for a limited time will end by 30th of September 2023.
  5. The terms and conditions for this campaign may be modified without prior notice.