Free BioMin F for kids toothpaste
Reviews help new customers gain confidence in BioMin, leading to dental happiness.

Leave a review on our online store and on TrustPilot and we will reward you with a free BioMin F for Kids toothpaste.


1) Leave a review at for BioMin F for Kids toothpaste (takes a couple of minutes). 

2) Leave a review at Trustpilot (you can use the same review that you left at

3) Send an email to advising a review has been left (please include your recent order number). Once your review goes live we will send you a voucher code.

4) On your next order add the voucher at the checkout. please include the free tube during checkout and use the voucher code. (Please note that due to the shipping and fulfillment costs we can only include the free tube with the order total of at least $40 or more).

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Offer can be taken up once per customer.

  2. Offer will only be fulfilled with your next order and only for orders $40 minimum value or more.

  3. Customer must leave two reviews in order to be eligible for the free tube, one at BioMin Canada Store and the other one at Trustpilot.
  4. Your review needs to be published before the voucher code is supplied.

  5. Offer is for a limited time will end by August 18, 2022.

  6. Terms and conditions of this campaign are subject to change at any time without notice.