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How BioMin™ Toothpaste Works


BioMin™ is a technology developed by scientists at Queen Mary University London and Imperial College, London, for over the past decade.

Observing the properties of various bioactive glass formulations through years of scientific study, BioMin Technologies Limited have developed fine particulate materials for inclusion as additives in toothpaste formulation.

These glass materials are able to slowly dissolve in saliva in up to 12 hours.

BioMin™ C glass releases Calcium and Phosphate, whilst BioMin™ F releases Fluoride in addition to Calcium and Phosphate. These Bioactive glass materials (BioMin™ C and BioMin™ F) have been developed to help reduce tooth sensitivity, help replace lost mineral from tooth surfaces and protect against acid erosion.

By developing this award winning technology, BioMin Technologies Limited takes dental care one step further than conventional toothpastes.

 Tubule Occlusion before and after brushing with BioMin™ F.

Tubule Occlusion before and after brushing with BioMin™ F.


The particles of BioMin™ are designed to be small enough to enter any exposed dentine tubules (small holes) and also able to precipitate onto the tooth surfaces as the glass dissolves in saliva. Once the dentine tubules have been occluded, BioMin™ converts into either acid resistant Fluorapatite (BioMin™ F) or an “apatite-like” phase thought to be Octacalcium Phosphate (BioMin™ C). This process replicates the natural biological mineralisation.