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BioMin C 6 Pack + Low Flat Shipping Rates

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Cruelty Free

Fluoride Free

Low rate Shipping on 6 Pack 

BioMin C Toothpaste (6 x 75ml)

BioMin™ C is a fluoride-free toothpaste for everyday use that

Forms a protective layer of hydroxyapatite on your teeth, like BioMin™ F but quicker.

BioMin™ C attaches to the enamel and slowly delivers minerals that restore your teeth and make them more resistant. For best results, brush for two minutes without rinsing. Experience lasting oral health protection with this revolutionary toothpaste.

BioMin™ C will leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean after brushing.

Become one of the many happy BioMin Toothpaste customers and order now. 

BioMin C 6 Pack + Low Flat Shipping Rates
BioMin C 6 Pack + Low Flat Shipping Rates Sale price$72.50 USD

The Power of BioGlass

The composition of BioGlass in BioMin C Toothpaste is ChloroCalciumPhosphoSilicate. This compound interacts dynamically with saliva and tooth surfaces during brushing, releasing essential ions like calcium and phosphate. This release contributes to the bioactive properties of BioGlass, actively promoting remineralization and strengthening tooth enamel. The result is an innovative toothpaste that harnesses the power of ChloroCalciumPhosphoSilicate to support optimal oral health and fortify teeth.

In addition, the interplay between BioGlass and saliva leads to the formation of a hydroxyapatite layer on the tooth surface. Hydroxyapatite, a naturally occurring mineral vital for tooth enamel and bone structure, serves as a protective shield. This layer aids in the remineralization process and plays an active role in repairing microscopic damage to the tooth structure. In essence, the combination of ChloroCalciumPhosphoSilicate and the formation of hydroxyapatite contributes to the comprehensive oral health benefits offered by BioMin C Toothpaste.


  • BioMin® C is a Fluoride-free family toothpaste that is based on the same award-winning technology of BioMin® F.
  • Produces a protective layer of Hydroxyapatite over the tooth surface.
  • Strengthens and protects tooth enamel.
  • Works for up to 12 hours after brushing.
  • Fresh, minty flavour
  • Vegan & Halal Friendly.
  • Does not contain any bio-plastics.

Watch Dr. Victoria Sampson discusses Whitening Protocol with BioMin.

Whitening Protocol with BioMin


The video above where Dr. Victoria Sampson discusses the Whitening Protocol with BioMin toothpaste, showcasing the transformation of teeth before and after the application of BioMin toothpaste.

Simply navigate through the right and left using the cursor to observe the impact of BioMin on teeth through the before-and-after sequence.



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
marion ashley
I will be 80 in August and my dentist said my teeth is better than some 30 years old

I started using BioMin F as soon as I read it came available and then I read BioMin C was new so I use that now, I will be 80 in August and my dentist said my teeth is better than some 30 years old. My son who is a computer consultent gave me a computer and his email to help me.

Toothpaste BiominC, works wonders

My name is Victoria. I'm from Russia. I have a son, he is 2 years old and we are faced with such a problem: the upper two teeth darkened and thinned, because of this, the child stopped eating solid food, complained of pain, recently fed on one milk. When they turned to the dentist, he could not understand why it happened to his teeth, he wrote out children's expensive pastes, gels for the teeth, but they did not help. When cleaning the teeth, the gums bled and the son roared with pain. A week ago, we received BiominC toothpaste, on the same evening we started brushing our teeth, and after a few days I noticed that the teeth had become shiny, the gums did not bleed, the child began to eat cereals and other food.We went to the dentist for another checkup, he said that the teeth became dense.
Toothpaste BiominC, works wonders, tested on the child.

Rodney Ruddock
Better teeth

I read about BioMin while reading articles at a science news site (regular habit). The science of the active ingredient is what peaked my interest and got me researching into this more. I had been brushing with regular toothpaste, electric toothbrush and fluorinated mouthwash but the results weren't great at checkup-time, and since no one has gotten the grow your own new teeth thing solved yet, BioMin seemed like it'd be worth a a try.

After a couple of weeks of using BioMin C (F wasn't available in Canada yet) I noticed that my teeth felt harder. I also realized that my teeth were less sensitive to cold from ice cream (favourite food). My next dental checkup was the first in years that the dentist didn't lecture me!

I'm stocked up on BioMin C now. It's not low cost but real teeth are better fake ones.

You Must Try

After a long time researching new toothpastes to try I found this one. It was actually really hard to find out how to purchase it too. The Biomin website does not direct me here. I am so happy I was able to find out how to purchase this stuff.

I have thick teeth and never had a cavity but as I am getting older I really want to protect my teeth and keep as many of them as possible. Since using Biomin really feel like my teeth are clean and protected from stains without stripping the enamel. I also love that the toothpaste doesn't taste sugary or too sweet like many of the popular brands. It has the perfect flavor balance and the texture is creamy not gritty.

My husband has soft teeth and really struggles to find something that doesn't bother him. He loves this stuff. He says since he started using it his teeth don't bother him. He really feels like it had made a huge difference.

We have tried a huge range of toothpaste types and brands. I am so happy with Biomin I just bought a 12pack. I will definitely be recommending this to everyone. Unfortunately the "F" is always sold out so I haven't been able to try it. But I can't speak highly enough about the fluoride-free. It is expensive, but so worth the cost.

Love it!

My teeth feel like they were cleaned by the dentist.
I really like the taste and I don’t mind the texture at all, Love BioMin C!!