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Mighty Trio F

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TEBODONT® mouthwash, 400 ml without fluoride (Quantity):
Depurdent ® Clean & Polish, tooth cleaning paste, 75 ml (Quantity):
BioMin™ F 75 ml - Sensitive Teeth & Remineralizing Toothpaste (Quantity):

Unleash the power of BioMin toothpaste, Tebodont mouthwash, and Depurdent cleaning toothpaste for the ultimate oral care experience. Get ready to conquer dental problems and protect your teeth like never before. Elevate your routine with this dynamic trio and embrace a healthier, stronger smile. Try the Mighty Trio today and experience the strength of BioMin's toothpaste and Wild Products.

The Mighty Trio Pack is the perfect package treatment for teeth, gum and cleaning the surface discolouration of the teeth.

Using the Might Trio Pack will leave your teeth stronger, less sensitive, brighter and healthier.

Instruction to use the Mighty Trio Oral kit:

BioMin F toothpaste: twice daily ideally before breakfast and last thing at night, Do not rinse mouth with water after brushing, replace the tube cap after use to protect against humidity.

TEBODONT® mouthwash: ideally daily mid day after lunch or afternoon.

Depurdent Clean & Polish toothpaste: once or twice per week mid day after lunch or afternoon.


Mighty Trio F
Mighty Trio F Sale price$46.00 Regular price$47.00

Customer Reviews

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Ryan Hall
Excellent Product. Fast Shipping

I had a lot of issues with tooth sensitivity and did a lot of research looking for good options to repair it. Dental technology has not progressed for decades until I learned about Biomin and hydroxyapatite. There was finally something more than cheesy marketing. I ordered 1 tube and very quickly, I noticed my tooth sensitivity going away. I have also not had any cavities since starting using this.
I am a big fan of this product.