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BioMin™ F 75 ml - Dents Sensibles & Dentifrice Reminéralisant

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Faible teneur en fluor

Dentifrice à faible teneur en fluor BioMin F (1x 75ml)

Le dentifrice BioMin™ F est formulé avec une technologie brevetée de bio-verre , enrichie en ions Fluorapatite, Calcium et Phosphate. Sa formule à libération lente offre jusqu'à 12 heures de protection et de reminéralisation de l'émail, créant une armure deux fois plus résistante que l'émail dentaire naturel. Pour de meilleurs résultats, brosser pendant deux minutes sans rincer . Faites l'expérience d'une protection durable de la santé bucco-dentaire avec ce dentifrice révolutionnaire. Teneur en fluorure <600 ppm lorsqu'il est emballé, ne pas utiliser en cas d'allergie à l'un des ingrédients.

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BioMin™ F 75 ml - Dents Sensibles &amp; Dentifrice Reminéralisant
BioMin™ F 75 ml - Dents Sensibles & Dentifrice Reminéralisant Prix de vente$12.25

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
David Bredensteiner
Best protection for teeth

I’ve been using this website to buy BioMin F for about 2 years now. I like the science behind it. I’ve had all good results at the dentist during that time. It seems to be toothpaste with the longest lasting benefits.

Amazing Toothpaste

I have been using it for a month and I noticed a difference in how my teeth feel and look. They are less sensitive to hot and cold foods and drinks, and they look brighter and smoother. I would recommend BioMin F toothpaste to anyone who wants to improve their oral health and hygiene.

Miki J.
I never want to use anything else.

I love Biomin F! I think it helps my damaged teeth, I have seen a big difference with sensitivity.

Robert Downie
In my view, BioMin F is a genuine game changer.

In my view, BioMin F is a genuine game changer.

At the beginning of lockdown, I began to have excruciating sensitivity pain in my teeth, which I could not obtain treatment for.

By chance, I saw a documentary on TV about BioMin toothpaste and decided to try it. Having tried other "sensitive" products that did not work, I was doubtful as to whether this would help my problem.

I purchased a tube of BioMin F over the internet as it seems unavailable in France, and began to use it. Within a couple of days I began to realise the benefits of using BioMin F and have continued to use it daily and I am totally pain free with zero sensitivity.

It is now 6 months since I started and have found the toothpaste to be totally effective and will continue to use this amazing toothpaste.

Many thanks to your entire team for developing this amazing product as it really has made an substantial difference to my life.

Caleb Zhang

I’ve been using the Biomin F toothpaste for a while now and it works wonders! Strengthens my enamel and reduces all sensitivity! HealthPulze is a great place to buy it in Canada!