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Because it offers a breakthrough solution for sensitive teeth alongside its revolutionary bioglass technology. BioMin stands as the pinnacle of oral care innovation, addressing sensitivity with unparalleled efficacy. Unlike conventional toothpaste, BioMin's advanced formula forms a protective layer over teeth, fortifying enamel and reducing sensitivity for lasting comfort. This unique feature, combined with its bioglass technology, facilitates remineralization and strengthens enamel, ensuring enduring dental health. By releasing calcium and phosphate ions gradually, BioMin provides sustained defense against acid erosion and decay, while minimizing discomfort. With BioMin, patients can experience relief from sensitivity while achieving brighter smiles and healthier teeth. Join the BioMin revolution and offer your patients the ultimate solution for sensitive teeth.

Dentist Testimonials for BioMin Toothpaste

Dentists in the oral care industry highly recommend BioMin toothpaste, as evidenced by their testimonials below.

'Our go-to toothpaste’

Our patients request a lot of whitening and high-end smile makeover treatments, so BioMin is not only an integral part of delivering the service but also ideal for our patients to maintain their good oral hygiene. It works well with whitening treatments and products.

Siobhan Vickery, Practice manager and dental nurse, Surrey

Siobhan Vickery

"You can’t do better than BioMin"

Our patients with persistent sensitivity not helped by the mainstream sensitivity brands have been swapped to BioMin®– and have nearly all found it to have helped. They say their teeth felt ‘smoother’, and often they appear shinier and they are more comfortable, which is logical if the particles are entering and occluding the tubules.

Dr James Durie, Hampton, Middx

Dr James Durie

"90% of our patients are sold on it..."

The results have been better than I dared to hope, and beyond my expectations. Some of the patients with the most significant problems, who haven’t been able to find anything that works, have had great improvement.

Dr Don Gibson, Yeovil

Dr Don Gibson, Yeovil

"I am pleased to be able to recommend BioMin® F for children at high risk of dental caries"

BioMin F is unique as it provides slow-release fluoride. This is what makes the difference for sensitivity and enamel repair.

Dr Kathy McCarney, Dentist, London

Dr Kathy McCarney

‘My product of the year’

BioMin F is a toothpaste with many functions. It is not just a toothpaste – it is so versatile.

Sakina Syed, dental hygienist and therapist, London, BSDHT London Regional Group Chair, and Dentistry and Private Dentistry Hygienist of the Year 2022 and 2023

Sakina Syed

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BioMin™ toothpaste is a unique toothpaste that can change lives. A generational breakthrough in technology. if you are a Dental Practice. you have an opportunity to become a stockist. please fill out this form so we can learn a bit more about you. we will review your application and confirm your stockist account where you will be able to place orders