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BioMin™ F 75 ml - Sensitive Teeth & Remineralizing Toothpaste

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Cruelty Free

Low Fluoride

BioMin F Low Fluoride Toothpaste (1x 75ml)

BioMin™ F Toothpaste is formulated with patented bio-glass technology, enriched with Fluorapatite, Calcium and Phosphate ions. Its slow-release formula delivers up to 12 hours of enamel protection and remineralization, creating armour twice as strong as natural tooth enamel. For best results, brush for two minutes without rinsing. Experience lasting oral health protection with this revolutionary toothpaste. Fluoride content <600ppm when packed, do not use if allergic to any ingredients.

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BioMin™ F 75 ml - Sensitive Teeth & Remineralizing Toothpaste
BioMin™ F 75 ml - Sensitive Teeth & Remineralizing Toothpaste Sale price$15.95 CAD

BioMin F toothpaste stands out among the world's best toothpastes for these three reasons.


BioMin F toothpaste Fights decay up to 8X longer!

Slow release low dose fluoride.

Uniquely provides ongoing protection across the day

BioMin F toothpaste protects teeth from decay by releasing low levels of fluoride for up to 12 hours, which is longer than any other toothpaste. This helps prevent acid erosion and cavities caused by plaque and sugar. 

Efficient fluoride up to 60% less required

Slow release mechanism significantly reduces the quantity of fluoride required. Less than 600 ppm.


BioMin F toothpaste Rebuilds damaged enamel

BioMin F toothpaste remineralizes enamel by delivering calcium and phosphate ions, which are essential for rebuilding lost minerals. This strengthens the teeth and makes them more resistant to wear and tear.

Actively helps reduce demineralisation

BioMin F actively works to reduce demineralisation


BioMin F creates a protective armour

Creates an acid resistant armour coating

BioMin F toothpaste relieves sensitivity by forming a protective layer of fluorapatite, which seals the exposed dentine tubules that cause pain when eating hot or cold foods. This layer lasts 8 times longer than other sensitive toothpastes and reduces discomfort.

Increases protection when teeth come under attack

when under attack BioMin F uniquely increases the release of essential minerals to fight decay and protect the teeth.


The composition of BioGlass in BioMin F Toothpaste is Fluoro CalciumPhosphoSilicat. This compound interacts dynamically with saliva and tooth surfaces during brushing, releasing essential ions like calcium and phosphate. This release contributes to the bioactive properties of BioGlass, actively promoting remineralization and strengthening tooth enamel. The result is an innovative toothpaste that harnesses the power of Fluoro CalciumPhosphoSilicat to support optimal oral health and fortify teeth.

In addition, the interplay between BioGlass and saliva leads to the formation of a Fluorapatite layer on the tooth surface. Fluorapatite serves as a protective shield. This layer aids in the remineralization process and plays an active role in repairing microscopic damage to the tooth structure. In essence, the combination of Fluoro CalciumPhosphoSilicat and the formation of Fluorapatite contributes to the comprehensive oral health benefits offered by BioMin F Toothpaste.

Watch Dr. Victoria Sampson discusses Whitening Protocol with BioMin.

Whitening Protocol with BioMin


The video above where Dr. Victoria Sampson discusses the Whitening Protocol with BioMin toothpaste, showcasing the transformation of teeth before and after the application of BioMin toothpaste.

Simply navigate through the right and left using the cursor to observe the impact of BioMin on teeth through the before-and-after sequence.



Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews

This is the best toothpaste I've ever tried; it even strengthens my teeth. Highly recommended

may philip

Makes teeth whiter and removed stubborn smoking stains for my husband. Definitely getting more

Amy Lizzio
Love it!

This toothpaste is amazing. I love how it makes my teeth feel. I can see a difference already. One of the most enjoyable things about it is that the taste is not overwhelming. Overall I am super pleased and will order again.


After a few months of using this toothpaste, my dentist asked what I did to my teeth. They looked great

Kimberly Langston

This toothpaste is wonderful! Has kept my husband’s teeth from cracking and breaking off. We live in the U.S. and order directly from Canada as our biomin doesn’t contain the same teeth loving ingredients. Thank you!