BioMin – Armour for Teeth.

BioMin™  toothpaste is a result of more than 10 years of research. Changing the way toothpaste performs.

The unique technology behind BioMin™ F toothpaste provides LOWER Fluoride content with LONG LASTING performance (for up to 12 hours).

The award winning new formula used in BioMin™ F toothpaste slowly releases Calcium, Phosphate and Fluoride ions. These combine to form Fluorapatite that could help reduce the risk of tooth decay, sensitivity and acid erosion.

Brushing at least twice daily, the regular use of BioMin™ F toothpaste may rejuvenate, reinforce and protect your teeth leaving your mouth feeling clean and fresh.


Sensitivity & Remineralizing Toothpaste

BioMin C Fluoride Free Toothpaste

BioMin® C is a Fluoride-free toothpaste that is based on the same award-winning technology of BioMin® F Produces a protective layer of Hydroxyapatite over the tooth surface, strengthens and protects tooth enamel. Works for up to 12 hours after brushing. Fresh, minty flavour, vegan friendly and does not contain any bio-plastics.

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Premium & Ultra-Premium Packs

We have created the perfect oral treatment kit, introducing the new Ultra-Premium and Premium packs. The new packs are the perfect treatment package for teeth, gum and cleaning the surface discolouration of the teeth. Using the Ultra-Premium Oral Pack will leave your teeth stronger, less sensitive, brighter and healthier.

The new packs offer a discount and the products are fluoride-free!

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Free BioMin Canada Gift Card

After completing the Ultra-Premium Pack Oral Kit, please send a brief of your experience, and submit your testimonial with pictures of your teeth & gum before and after.

We will pick 3 winners in June

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The reviews below are from users of BioMin toothpaste. who report improvements and benefits in their oral health. 


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BioMin Technologies

Awards & Accreditations

BioMin Technologies Limited is an award-winning company that produces clinically proven dental products. BioMin® F, has become the first toothpaste to gain accreditation from the Oral Health Foundation’s expert panel for both sensitivity reduction and remineralization. Consumers can be assured that a product such as BioMin® F, which carries the Oral Health Foundation approved logo has had its claims rigorously checked and effectively verified. The accreditation is applicable worldwide. For more information click here.

Check out on below some of the BioMin Technologies awards and achievements.


E2 Media Business Awards

BioMin Technologies Ltd, manufacturer of BioMin® F, BioMin® C and BioMin® F for Kids has won the prestigious E2 Media Business Award, the latest in a long list of accolades for both the company and its highly innovative products.



BioMin has won another award "Best Dentine Hypersensitivity Relief and Protection Product Provider, 2021" further confirming the great performance for treatment of sensitivity.



BioMin Technologies have been awarded "Best Tooth Decay Prevention Solutions Provider - UK" at the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2020.



BioMin Technologies won another award in 2019 which is awarded by GHP as Best Oral Sensitivity Relief Providers - UK


Oral Health Foundation Approval

BioMin F has become the first toothpaste to gain accreditation from Oral Health Foundation expert panel for both sensitivity reduction and tooth remineralization. to read learn more details visit this link



Professor Robert Hill, chair of dental physical sciences at Queen Mary University of London has received the Varshneya Award for his pioneering research into halogen bioactive glasses for dental applications. 

Professor Hill, the first British scientist to win this award, was presented with his prize at the 25th International Glass Congress in Boston.

The Award was made by the American Ceramic Society.

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BioMin Technologies Limited announced as innovation of the year finalists at the Dental Industry Awards.



The Armourers and Brasiers Venture Prize is a significant factor in enabling the commercialisation of promising materials-based technologies in the UK. The research and development led by Professor Robert Hill (Head of Dental Physical Sciences at Queen Mary's Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry), resulted in a new technology (BioMin™) to combat the kind of tooth pain caused by hot or cold food or drinks.

Dr. Victoria Sampson discusses Whitening Protocol with BioMin.

BioMin Bioglass technology described as

‘Magic Ingredient’

Dr Zoe Laughlin, co-founder and director of the Institute of Making at University College London, is an artist, designer, maker and materials engineer. An infectiously enthusiastic presenter, she has made a variety of TV programmes about materials and describes her role as ‘explaining the art, craft, science and engineering of STUFF.’ As part of her investigation into what ingredients should be included in an ideal toothpaste, Zoe visited Professor Robert Hill in his labs to learn about the groundbreaking technology behind BioMin. Although BioMin could not be mentioned by name on the programme, Zoe said that there was only one brand which used the bioglass technology, and she was extremely excited by its innovation and its potential.

Bioglass technology described as ‘magic stuff’

The BioMin story


BioMin’s unique active ingredient is a calcium fluoro phospho-silicate which belongs to the Bioglass family of substances. Bioglass-es have been used in the human body for almost 50 years and in dentistry for almost 20 years.

The BioMin story

1969 Bioglass 45s5 composed

Bioglass is important to the field of biomaterials as one of the first completely synthetic materials that seamlessly bonds to bone. Bioglass 45S5 which is composed of SiO2, NA2O, CaO and P2O5 , was developed by Professor Hench of the University of Florida, as a solution to help regenerate bone.

The BioMin story

1990S Bioglass is refined for dental usage

Bioactive glass was modified for use in the oral care, it was found that bioglass in the oral cavity could produce hydroxylapatite which could be used to treat tooth sensitivity. The hydroxylapatite (similar to the tooths natural minerals) could fill the exposed tubules that allowed sensations like sweet, hot or cold to reach nerves and cause pain.

The BioMin story

2010s improving performance of Bioglass

Over the past decade Professor Hill a world leading expert in Bioglass conducted research to improve the dental performance of Bioglass by modifying the phosphate content to aid remineralisation, adding additional components such as fluoride for the formation of fluorapatite over hydroxylapatite and reducing particle sizes to enable a larger portion of particles to enter and fill open dentine tubules and reduced damage from abrasion.

The BioMin Story

2013 BioMin recognised

The work of Professor Hill and his team was recognised by a number of awards including the prestigious Armours and Brasiers Venture prize for innovation.

The BioMin Story

2014 BioMin Technologies Ltd established

BioMin Technologies Ltd of the UK was established to commercialise the research conducted by Professor Hill and his team.

The BioMin Story

2016 Commercial sales commence

BioMin F (BioMin with Fluoride) was born and commenced commercial sales.

"I’m a believer!"

Having used BioMin C for a while, the last time I had a whitening treatment I did not have a single twinge. Zero sensitivity for the first time ever. It was amazing.

Hilary Browne, dental hygienist, Dubai


Introducing UPS for Canada

Introducing UPS for Canada

We are pleased to announce that we have added UPS shipping service to our store for Canada. This means that you can now enjoy faster and more relia...

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