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BioMin™ C 75 ml - Fluoride Free Sensitivity & Remineralizing Toothpaste

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Cruelty Free

Fluoride Free

BioMin™ C is a fluoride-free toothpaste for everyday use that

Forms a protective layer of hydroxyapatite on your teeth, like BioMin™ F but quicker.

BioMin™ C attaches to the enamel and slowly delivers minerals that restore your teeth and make them more resistant. For best results, brush for two minutes without rinsing. Experience lasting oral health protection with this revolutionary toothpaste.

BioMin™ C will leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean after brushing.
Become one of the many happy BioMin Toothpaste customers and order now. 

BioMin™ C 75 ml - Fluoride Free Sensitivity & Remineralizing Toothpaste
BioMin™ C 75 ml - Fluoride Free Sensitivity & Remineralizing Toothpaste Sale price$12.25

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
BioMin F Needs To Be Approve Stateside Already!

Works great for my sensitivity and morning/night brushing routine!

Excellent for Sensitivity

I recently tried Biomin C toothpaste, and I must say I'm extremely pleased with the results. For a long time, I had been struggling with tooth sensitivity, especially when consuming hot or cold foods and beverages. It was a constant source of discomfort and made me dread meals.

However, since using Biomin C toothpaste, I have noticed a significant improvement in my sensitivity issues. It's been a game-changer for me. The toothpaste has a pleasant flavor and leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean. But what truly sets it apart is its effectiveness in reducing sensitivity. I can now enjoy my favorite ice cream or hot coffee without wincing in pain.

I appreciate that Biomin C toothpaste not only addresses my sensitivity but also promotes overall oral health with its advanced formula. It's become a staple in my dental care routine, and I highly recommend it to anyone struggling with tooth sensitivity. It's made a real difference in my life, and I couldn't be happier with the results.

Hands down best option for Fluoride-free toothpaste

This is without a doubt, the best option for a toothpaste that does not contain fluoride. It provides 2 additional ingredients that protect your teeth (Biomin and hydroxyapatite). Non other products provide this kind of protection without fluoride.
It tastes just like a regular toothpaste as well.

Receding Gums

I have receding gums and this toothpaste has helped significantly with the sensitivity. I highly recommend to anyone with sensitive teeth.

Best Toothpaste I’ve ever used

I got sensitivity in my teeth and when I started using BioMin C toothpaste, the sensitivity pain of my teeth is gone. I love it, and I love the fact that it does not contain fluoride.